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ASE 2016
September 3-7, 2016

ASE 2016
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W1. Workshop on Specification, Comprehension, Testing and Debugging of Concurrent Programs

Although for the past decade we have witnessed incrementally more programmers writing concurrent programs, the vast majority of applications today are still sequential due to the lack of effective tools that support the development of concurrent programs. This trend necessitates the use of advanced methods to redesign the existing tools that remain optimized for sequential program development. The goal of workshop is to advance the state of the art in different phases of concurrent software development, covering specification, comprehension, testing and debugging.

Organizers: Zijiang Yang, Ting Liu, and Daniel Xiapu Luo
Date: Sept 3rd, 2016

W2. Fifth International Workshop on Software Mining

The Fifth International Workshop on Software Mining aims to bridge research in the data mining community and software engineering community by providing an open and interactive forum for researchers who are interested in software mining to discuss the methodologies and technical foundations of software mining, approaches and techniques for mining various types of software-related data, and applications of data mining to facilitate specialized tasks in software engineering. Participants of diverse background in either data mining or software engineering can benefit from this workshop by sharing their expertise, exchanging ideas, and discussing new research results.

Authors who are interested in software mining are invited to submit their manuscripts related to all aspects of software mining, including software mining foundations, mining specific software data, software mining in specialized tasks, etc.

Organizers:  Ming Li, Xiaoyin Wang, Lucia
Date: Sept 3rd, 2016

W3. 1st International Workshop on Software Refactoring

Refactoring is a disciplined technique for supporting the extremely volatile software life cycle, by providing better ways to reduce and manage the growing complexity of software systems while improving developer's productivity. Refactoring is a technique for changing the internal structure of a software system while preserving the external behavior. Developers can use it to clean up their code, to improve program readability, understandability and quality, and as a preparation for releasing their software product. The workshop will provide an interactive forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences, foster research on software refactoring, share lessons and challenges, thereby articulating a vision for the future of software refactoring.

Organizers:  Ali Ouni, Marouane Kessentini and Mel Ó Cinnéide
Date: Sept 4th, 2016

W4. ForMABS-2016 Workshop on Formal Methods for Analysis of Business Systems

After recent advances in the techniques and scalability of formal methods, their application to business systems has become more realistic and practical, similar to their use as technology of choice for verifying reactive systems. The goal of ForMABS 2016 ( is to provide a platform where people experimenting and applying formal methods to software engineering of business systems, have an opportunity to present and discuss their work with other researchers and practitioners. We welcome authors exploring or applying model checking, data-flow and control-flow analysis, symbolic execution for various purposes like verifying business applications and specifications, extracting specifications from source code, testing and other development activities, especially in the context of business systems. The workshop aims to provide authors with useful feedback about their work and facilitate networking within the community.

Organizers:  Ravindra Naik, Ansuman Banerjee, Raveendra Kumar M
Date: Sept 4th, 2016

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