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Accepted Papers    

    Full Paper:

  • Harnessing Mobile Phone Social Network Topology to Infer Users Demographic Attributes
    Jorge Brea, Javier Burroni, Martin Minnoni and Carlos Sarraute
  • Fast In-Memory Triangle Listing for Large Real-World Graphs
    Martin Sevenich, Sungpack Hong, Adam Welc and Hassan Chafi
  • Assortativity in Chung Lu Random Graph Models
    Stephen Mussmann, John Moore, Joseph Pfeiffer and Jennifer Neville
  • Utilizing Purchase Intervals in Latent Clusters for Product Recommendation
    Gang Zhao, Mong Li Lee and Wynne Hsu Wynne Hsu
  • Which Tweets Will Be Headlines? A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Bridging Social Media and Traditional Media
    Dan Zhang, Yan Liu and Luo Si
  • Understanding Cross-site Linking in Online Social Networks
    Yang Chen, Chenfan Zhuang, Qiang Cao and Pan Hui

  • Short Paper:

  • Contextual Feature Analysis to Improve Link Prediction for Location Based Social Networks
    Ahmet Engin Bayrak and Faruk Polat
  • Building Socially Connected Skilled Teams to Accomplish Complex Tasks
    Ana Paula Appel, Victor Cavalcante, Marcos Vieira, Vagner Santana, Rogerio Paula and Steven Tsukamoto
  • A Multiresolution Approach to Recommender Systems
    Gilbert Badaro, Hazem Hajj, Ali Haddad, Wassim El Hajj and Khaled Bashir Shaban
  • Inferring User Social Class in Online Social Networks
    Renato Miranda Filho, Guilherme Borges, Jussara Almeida and Gisele Pappa
  • Predicting Quitting on Yammer: An Online Social Enterprise Space
    Gaurang Gavai, Sricharan Kumar, Julia Liu, Oliver Brdiczka and John Hanley
  • Preference Ontologies based on Social Media for compensating the Cold Start Problem
    Christopher Krauss, Sascha Braun and Stefan Arbanowski
  • Exploiting the Stock Market with Social Activity Modeling
    Ruoqian Liu, Ankit Agrawal, Wei-Keng Liao and Alok Choudhary

Student Travel Awards    
  • Harnessing Mobile Phone Social Network Topology to Infer Users Demographic Attributes
    - Jorge Brea
    - Javier Burroni
    - Martin Minnoni
    - Carlos Sarraute