Exploring the Role of Context and Social Media to Enhance the User-Experience in Photography and Image Tag Recommendation
Yogesh Singh Rawat

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Yogesh Singh Rawat
PhD in Computer Science
National University of Singapore




23 Mar 2017 (Thursday)

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Meeting Room 4-4, Level 4
School of Information Systems
Singapore Management University
80 Stamford Road
Singapore 178902

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The last decade has seen a significant improvement in the ease of capture of multimedia content. Cameras now have intelligent features, such as automatic focus, face detection, etc., to assist users in taking better photos. However, it still is a challenge to capture high-quality photographs. The complex nature of photography makes it difficult to provide real-time assistance to a user for improving the aesthetics of capture. The recent advancements in sensor technology, wireless networks, and social media provide us an opportunity to enhance the photography experience of users.

Our work aims at providing real-time photography assistance to users by leveraging on camera sensors and social media content. We focus on two different aspects of user-experience in photography. The first focus is on camera guidance and the second is on location recommendation for photography. In addition, we also focus on exploring the role of context and user-preference in developing a deep network for image tag recommendation. In this talk, we will provide a brief overview of our work on camera guidance and mainly discuss the research on location and image-tag recommendation.

In camera guidance, we focus on landmark photography where feedback regarding scene composition and camera parameter settings is provided to a user while a photograph is being captured. We also focus on group photography where we use ideas of spring-electric graph model and color energy to provide real-time feedback to the user about the arrangement of people, their position and relative size on the image frame. In location recommendation, we first focus on a viewpoint recommendation system that can provide real-time guidance based on the preview on user's camera, current time and user's geo-location. Next, we introduce a photography trip recommendation method which guides a user to explore any tourist location from the photography perspective. We leverage on ideas from behavioural science for a better photography experience. More specifically, we utilize the optimal foraging theory to recommend a tour for efficient exploration of a tourist location.

Social media users like to assign tags to the captured images before sharing with others. One of the biggest advantages of adding tags to photographs is that it makes them searchable and easily discoverable by other users. However, assigning tags to the photographs when shared immediately after capture can be challenging. In such scenario, real-time tag prediction based on image content can be very useful. However, the tags assigned to an image by a user also depend on the user-context apart from the visual content. In addition, user-preference also plays an important role in predicting image tags. Motivated by this, we propose a convolutional deep neural network which integrates the visual content along with the user-preference and user-context in a unified framework for tag prediction. We observe that integrating user-preference and the context significantly improves the tag prediction accuracy.

About the speaker

Yogesh Singh Rawat recently completed my doctoral studies in the Computer Science Department at School of Computing, National University of Singapore, where I was with Professor Mohan Kankanhalli in the Multimedia Analysis and Synthesis Lab. I obtained my BTech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, IIT-BHU, Varanasi in 2009. My PhD dissertation is focused on enhancing photography experience of users utilizing social media and camera sensors. It is centered around computational media aesthetics and analysis of social media images for photography. My research interests lie in the intersection of Machine Learning, Big Data, Social Computing, Image and Video Processing, and Multimedia Computing. Before joining NUS in summer 2012, I was working at Mentor Graphics , India, (2009-2012) with Praveen Shukla where I worked as a R&D developer in the Veloce Emulation team.

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