LARC Research Seminar

Winning Price Prediction in Real Time Bidding

Mi-Yen Yeh

Associate Research Fellow
Institute of Information Science
Academia Sinica, Taiwan


Event Details

8 August 2018, Wednesday
2.30pm – 3.30pm

Seminar Room 3-1, Level 3
School of Information Systems
Singapore Management University
80 Stamford Road
Singapore 178902

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In this talk, I would like to introduce our recent studies on predicting the winning price in a real time bidding auction of online advertisements. Previous studies mainly solve the problem from the view of sellers, while we focus on the view of buyers. A major challenge is that the buyer does not always possess the complete information about the winning price, especially for those losing bids in the past. I will show how we solve this problem by proposing a unified framework that models both the observed and unobserved data simultaneously. The framework offers flexibility for different combinations of deep learning structures and the different distribution of winning prices.

About Speaker

Mi-Yen Yeh is currently Associate Research Fellow (equivalent to tenure-track Associate Professor) of Institute of Information Science (and Research Center for IT Innovation under joint appointment) at Academia Sinica, Taiwan. She is also an Associate Professor jointly appointed in Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Cheng Kung University. She received her B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University, Taiwan, in 2002 and 2009, respectively. Her main research area is on data mining and databases, with a specific focus on mining Big Data, social network analysis, and data management on non-volatile memory. She received the best paper award (in system software and security) of the 28th annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2013), Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship in Academia Sinica, and Research Exploration Award in Pan Wen Yuan Foundation.

National Research Foundation

This research is supported by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office, Singapore under its International Research Centres in Singapore Funding Initiative.

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